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IMG00256.jpg                 Cubicle, parlour and collecting yard flush

Flushing is the new way to cow health and hygiene, which has many benefits:

  • Cows don't slip especially when bulling
  • Passages, tails, legs and udders are much cleaner and more hygienic
  • Expensive scrapers are eliminated
  • Flushing can take place with cows in shed
  • Less foot trouble
  • Less culling for the wrong reasons


To remove animal faeces and urine from passage ways of the cubicle shed and deposit them into a grid covered collection channel and/or reception pit for further processing


  1. The flood wash system normally consists of a header tank, mounted in a position to achieve maximum "head" and control flow rates.
  2. The column of slurry/water contained within the tank supplies a flush valve at the head of each passage way through underground pressure piping. On larger systems where the flush valves are positioned a considerable distance from the flush tank, a pipeline feeds the valves from both sides to prevent loss of velocity i.e. to reduce valve opening times and lower the time to replenish the tank.
  3. The flush valve is held shut by supplying compressed air via an automatic or manual control panel to an air bellows located within the valve.
  4.  The bellows force down a steel plate with a rubber seal. This prevents water exiting through the flush valve.
  5. The compressor supplying the air feed to the flush systems is normally sited within a room close as possible to the system.
  6. The operating controls for flush systems can be automatic/ manual or a combination of both, depending upon individual requirements.
  7. Flushing Liquids are normally supplied from Parlour and dairy wash down and plate cooler water for flushing parlours and from separated slurry for cleaning cubicles and collecting yards.

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